Mentoring Project Vorbilder – Future of Ghana Germany

Project info

Operator: Future of Ghana Germany e.V.
founded 2017
Contact person: Phillip Harms, 1st Chairman of the Management Board

Location: Hamburg (Wilhelmsburg, Mümmelmannsberg, Öjendorf), Germany

Project: Vorbilder – Future of Ghana Germany
(Vorbilder = Role Models)

Our sponsorship:
Participation in the costs of implementing this project in the amount of € 5,000
Funding period: 2024

“Vorbilder” is a mentoring project in which young people take on the role of a confidant for young black people. The aim is to support the mentees in recognizing and developing their skills and competencies.

Mentors and mentees build a lasting bond, carry out leisure activities together, take part in cultural educational activities and work together to find a solution to problems.

This increases their opportunities for participation and shows that even young people from difficult social backgrounds can realize their full potential with targeted support.

Hamburg Future of Ghana

The project operator

Future of Ghana Germany (FoGG) was founded with the aim of connecting people with an African migration background and all other interested parties in order to encourage exchange, promote education and create synergies for the development of people of African descent in Germany.

Since January 2021, the association has been a recognized provider of independent youth welfare services. The association is headquartered in Hamburg. FoGG is one of the largest migrant self-organizations in Hamburg. The mentoring project “Role Models” has been particularly successful in the area of child and youth welfare in recent years and has arranged over 100 sponsorships.

The association also implements successful projects in the areas of career guidance and empowerment. The strengths of the association are its young and dynamic team as well as its proximity to the target group and the active involvement of the latter.

Mentoring Project “Vorbilder”

The FoGG association is planning to link 80 new mentorships over the next three years. Mentors (aged 18 and over) will be selected and trained, who will then be matched with the mentees (aged between 8 and 18) and introduced to each other after an introductory phase.

The mentees are proposed for the project by various people such as teachers, social education workers and parents and initially undergo group monitoring. They are usually disadvantaged by their social environment and/or other factors and do not receive the support they need for successful educational and personal development.

Hamburg Future of Ghana 1
Hamburg Future of Ghana 2

The adults rely on a resource-oriented, sustainable and error-friendly approach that enables young people to explore their own personality and discover their own potential, strengths, talents and weaknesses.

Hamburg Future of Ghana 3
Hamburg Future of Ghana 4

This is followed by a familiarization trip, excursions to companies (getting to know the world of work) and individual mentoring by personal mentors who receive regular coaching and advice from experts.

Why we are committed to the project

FoGG has developed a detailed and convincing concept for this project and there are now former mentees working as mentors themselves. Like FoGG, we are convinced that every child and young person has talents and potential that they can develop if the circumstances are right. However, if these are not available, they need support from other sources. In our view, this project is very promising!

With this project, we want to take responsibility for the younger generation and encourage and support them in a resource-oriented way to recognize their own potential and to be able to shape their own lives in a sustainable and participatory way.

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With the support of FoGG, we are pleased to increase equal opportunities for children and young people who are accompanied by “Vorbilder” on their path to self-determination and self-efficacy. We would like to stay in contact with the association.