Climate workshop – Day of Creation Kriftel

Project info

Operator: ecokids gUG Hofheim/Taunus
Foundation: 2014
13 honorary staff and 3 volunteers
Contact person: Katrin Conzelmann-Stingl

Location: Hofheim am Taunus

Cooperation partners:
Evangelical Church of the Resurrection Kriftel, Public Climate School Frankfurt

Project: Climate workshop – Day of Creation Kriftel

Our funding:
Assumption of the total costs of 1663.07 euros
Funding period: 2nd half of 2023

Climate protection starts on our doorstep – starts with ourselves! What can we do to positively influence the impact of our actions on the climate?

During an eventful morning, this topic was explored in three sections with the participating young people from a confirmation group in order to develop their own ideas for the future. The project concluded with a presentation in the cooperating Evangelical Church of the Resurrection Kriftel.


The project operator

ecokids gUG is an extracurricular, non-profit learning center for sustainable education and has been certified by the state of Hesse as an extracurricular learning center for education for sustainable development since 2018.

Their work is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (the so-called 17 SDGs) and translates these topics into concrete modules. Ecokids support daycare centers, schools, public institutions and organizations with their educational work.

The ecokids team consists of educational consultants and pedagogically trained people, freelancers and volunteers, who are interested in the topics of environmental education and want to pass this on to young people.

Climate workshop – Day of Creation Kriftel

On a morning in September 2023, the young people aged 13 worked in three small groups on the topics of sustainability and climate protection:

  • What options are there for sustainable mobility?
  • What does a climate protection manager do? What climate protection ideas from the young people can she take back to her work?
  • Where does our food actually come from? What alternatives are there to long journeys to ensure a more climate-friendly diet?

The young people had the opportunity to take part in all three small groups and were then given an insight into the work of the Public Climate School Frankfurt. Finally, the topic was examined from a religious perspective and ideas for acting in a way that is compatible with creation were developed.

Klima-Workshop Schöpfungstag
Klima-Workshop Schöpfungstag

Klima-Workshop Schöpfungstag
Klima-Workshop Schöpfungstag

In a second part, the ideas for solutions were discussed and further developed in the confirmation group lessons. As a highlight, the results of the climate workshop were presented by the young people in October at the Evangelical Church of the Resurrection in Kriftel.

Klima-Workshop Schöpfungstag
Klima-Workshop Schöpfungstag

It’s really exciting to see what tasks climate protection managers have. I wouldn’t have thought that.

I enjoyed the workshop on sustainable food the most. There were lots of new things!

Quotes from participating young people

Why we are committed to the project

Climate change is undisputed, as is the need to react and change course as quickly as possible. ecokids offers children, young people and educational institutions concrete opportunities for action on climate protection and sustainable development.

With this project, young people deal with solution-oriented paths that they can design and take themselves. This makes them feel competent and self-effective. A good springboard for continuing to actively stand up for climate change!


We were happy to support this project and are delighted with the ideas and commitment of the young people!