Funding Priorities

Funding Priorities of our Foundation

Specifically, we support:

  • Educational projects (e.g., after-school educational programs) and educational institutions that focus on self-determined and self-organized education,
  • Social, ecological and charitable projects (e.g. district projects, cultural centers, leisure activities) that enable and support children to developfreely and in a self-determined manner and to participate in society,
  • Ecological, educational and social projects (e.g. independent agriculture and electricity/water supply, school and vocational training, street children projects) in regions and countries affected by poverty, disadvantage and lack of development prospects,
  • Studies and research projects related to self-determined and self-organized education (e.g. scientific accompanying research of pedagogical institutions, studies in developmental psychology or investigations of pedagogical concepts and methods),
  • Educational and public relations work to promote and disseminate the idea of self-determined education (e.g. further training of pedagogical staff, information events for parents and interested parties).

The project sponsors must be recognized as non-profit in Germany or apply for non-profit status.

In General, one or more of the following principles should be included in these projects:

  • Sustainable, self-determined or self-organized learning
  • Principle of democracy and children’s rights
  • Ethnic and religious diversity
  • Equal rights for people of all gender identities
  • Future perspectives in disadvantaged regions
  • Ecological future of the earth