Our vision

Our vision

We want all children and young people to have unrestricted access to education – an education that supports and strengthens learners in their ability to act.

For us, sustainable learning means not lecturing children and young people, but accompanying and supporting their individual development.

In our experience, the German education system unfortunately rarely corresponds to such an understanding. Instead, children are often squeezed into a tight corset of educational plans – regardless of their personal abilities and interests. If, on the other hand, they can make their own decisions, discover genuine passion for issues and experience themselves as self-effective, they become capable of action – for a world of tomorrow that we do not yet know today.

Learning – A Self-Organized Process

Children learn from the beginning of their lives. The human brain is designed to absorb new information, process it and draw conclusions from it. From the findings of neuroscience, developmental psychology and systems theory, the assumption is gradually gaining ground that learning is not a process that can be controlled from the outside, but a self-organized process of the organism.

Children possess a natural curiosity, openness and enthusiasm that must be preserved. We are convinced that through participation and co-determination of their learning processes and content, they are most likely to be empowered to find a good place for themselves in a constantly changing world and to contribute to a humane and peaceful future.

Future-Oriented, Responsible and Self-Effective

Therefore We Support

  • educational opportunities that focus on children’s and young people’s own interests and ideas,
  • educational opportunities that are based on an equal relationship between learners and teachers on an equal footing,
  • educational opportunities that create suitable conditions for discovery and knowledge,
  • as well as research projects and further education projects which conceive, make possible and advance such educational offers.