Family House Frankfurt

Project info

Family House

Operator: Der Kinderschutzbund Bezirksverband (translated: Child Protection League) Frankfurt am Main

KSB Frankfurt founded in 1954, official opening of the Family House in April, 2023

2 employees with mini-job, currently 8 volunteers
Management: Claudia Lukaschek, graduate pedagogue, full-time employee of KSB Frankfurt

Location: Two Stores in 60385 Frankfurt Bornheim/Ostend, Saalburgallee 42

Project: Equipment for the Parent-Info-Café

Our funding
Contribution to the costs of equipping the café in the amount of € 5,000

Funding period: 1st quarter 2023

The Family House is a place for families with babies in their first year of life who are living in financially strained circumstances and/or are in need. Families receive counseling, assistance and equipment at the Family House.

A shop accommodates the warehouse and an attractive shop with equipment for the first time. The other shop is set up as a parent information café.

Family House

The project operator

The Kinderschutzbund Frankfurt is currently the largest district association of the Deutscher Kinderschutzbund e.V. in Hessen.

It sees itself as a lobby for children and campaigns for the protection of children against violence, against child poverty and for the implementation of children’s rights in Germany.

The goal is a child-friendly society in which the intellectual, psychological, social and physical development of children and young people is promoted. In doing so, children and young people should be involved in all decisions, planning and measures that affect them.

The Kinderschutzbund Frankfurt has 44 full-time and part-time employees.

More than 200 volunteers support the employees in the individual offers. The association has 356 members.

Family House Frankfurt

The Family House offers support for families with babies in their first year of life – families in financially precarious living situations – families in need in three areas:

  • Parent-Info-Café:
    The Family House is a place with a warm atmosphere. Families are welcomed into beautiful spaces. There is a room for confidential conversations and a café area where families can linger.
  • Counseling/Help:
    Counseling is provided by Child Protection League professionals and outside experts. The Family House will host regular events on financial, health and social topics. Assistance will be provided directly on site. Families will be helped with applications and forms. Where direct assistance cannot be provided, families will be directed to assistance close to home.
  • Facilities:
    At the Family House, the families receive urgently needed missing equipment: initial equipment for the baby (baby boxes), strollers or hygiene articles – these are handed over to the families at the Family House in an uncomplicated manner and without applications. Except for the hygiene articles, the clothing and materials come mainly from private donations.
Family House Sitzecke
Family House Sitzecke

Why we are committed to the project

One of the most important strategies for poverty prevention and thus also for child protection is the early and uncomplicated support of families through practical assistance (initial equipment for the baby, beds, strollers…) and advice on applications, as well as mediation of further assistance. The Parent-Info-Café also provides a meeting place where parents can find a place where their children can play and explore in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The selected play and movement materials have a highly stimulating character and entice children to play freely. Parents can observe what experiences the children have in the process.

With the Family House, we offer a place to go where families can get much-needed advice on a wide range of problems.

Claudia Lukaschek, Head of Family House

Family House Lagerraum
Family House Wickelplatz


We were very happy to support this project. We particularly like the focus on fast, unbureaucratic help and the local proximity to the affected families. This makes it possible to offer further support and thus provide the children and their families with a basis for a more carefree future.

The Family House is one of many projects of the Kinderschutzbund Frankfurt. We will stay in contact and, if necessary, also support other prevention and help offers of the KSB Frankfurt.