Naturkindergarten Schilasmühle – Outdoor facilities

Project info

Naturkindergarten in the Schilasmühle
Carrier: Verein mit Kindern leben e.V.

founded in 2018
7 full-time and part-time employees,1 trainee, 2 federal volunteers

Location: Schilasmühle Nature Education Center, Frankfurt-Niederursel

Project: Design of the outdoor area
Two Kindergarden groups – opening in November 2022 on the grounds of Schilasmühle

Our sponsorship
Contribution of € 5000 to the costs for the design of the outdoor area.

Funding period: 2nd half of 2022

The nature education center Schilasmühle consists of a community of nature farm, after-school care and the Naturkindergarten. In the neighborhood is the Wiegestube Sonnenschein for children under three years of age. For these nursery children, the Naturkindergarten offers a continuing facility based on Pikler education and Waldorf education. The children are to be supported in their overall personality development through free development in play, sensory experiences, stimulation of movement and challenges with creative solutions.

The company Kinderspielkunst has developed a suitable concept for the outdoor area.

Schilasmühle outdoor facilities

The project operator

Since 2002, the Wiegestube Sonnenschein has been operating on the hof in Frankfurt-Niederursel. 2018, the Naturkindergarten was founded and put into operation as a continuing facility with one group.

On the grounds of the Schilasmühle , the new building is being built in a natural environment with sheep, chickens, rabbits, two donkeys and two horses. The Naturkindergarten is scheduled to open there in November 2022 with the existing group and a second new group.

The outdoor facility

The outdoor facility will be designed and built by the company Kinderspielkunst. The goal is to allow the children plenty of space and time to freely develop their impulses and play. Meaningful everyday activities of the adults, e.g. the care of the existing animals and the garden, also enable the children to be involved in the care of the animals and the appreciation of natural processes.

It is important for the organization to respect and support the development of the child’s personality on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. To this end, a “natural” meeting space is created for all children – with and without handicaps and from all social backgrounds.

Schilasmühle Außenanlagen
Schilasmühle outdoor facilities

Why we are committed to the project

With the Naturkindergarten and its natural outdoor area, the association Mit Kindern leben (means: Living with Children) offers the environment and spaces that we believe enable self-determined learning and experience. The children experience nature in the change of seasons and can participate in the care of plants and animals. They are accompanied by adults who offer them reliable and stable relationships with respect for their individuality. The play and movement equipment of Kinderspielkunst, made of wood and other natural materials, encourages independent climbing, building, swinging, balancing, mudding and playing.

In the Naturkindergarten at Schilasmühle, children are given a variety of opportunities to gain experiences on their own and to feel important and valuable.

The children’s zest for life, their satisfaction and their urge to explore are our top priorities. The children’s free activity is very important to us.

Marie-Luise Compani, Board Member Association Mit Kindern leben e.V.


With our support in the construction of the outdoor area, we were able to get a good picture of the motivation and working methods of the Naturkindergarten. We are looking forward to further cooperation.