Learning journey – discovering the diversity of successful school practice

Project info

Operator: Kreidestaub e.V. (founded 2016)
Kreidestaub e.V.: approx. 90 volunteers
Lernreise-Team Berlin: 10 students studying to become teachers
Contact person: Luise Lorenz

Location: Berlin, Germany

Project: Learning journey – discovering the diversity of successful school practice

Our support:
Contribution to the costs of this project in the amount of € 4,500
Funding period: 1st semester of 2024

The Learning Journey project is an initiative of Kreidestaub e.V. that aims to enrich teacher training by providing practice-oriented insights into successful school practice. Students, schools and experienced practitioners are brought together during a two-week excursion to explore the question “What is a good school?”.

The aim is to gain insights into various pedagogical and school organizational concepts by visiting six selected schools and exchanging ideas with teachers and school administrators.

Prinzip Lernreise,

The project operator

Kreidestaub e.V. is the project sponsor of the learning journey. As a student initiative to improve teacher training, Kreidestaub e.V. has been connecting young people who aspire to make “good schools” since 2013. The organization supports and motivates prospective teachers to start their own practical projects and develop ideas for teacher training.

Learning journey – discovering the diversity of successful school practice

The core format of Lernreise consists of a group of 15 students who visit six selected schools for twelve days. The aim is to broaden the students’ horizons and introduce them to a broad spectrum of the German school landscape.

By visiting different types of schools and exchanging ideas with experienced practitioners, the students should be inspired and find role models for their future teaching practice.

Klassenraum mit vielen Lern- und Spielmöglichkeiten

The Learning Journey 2024 took place in April. Ten participants traveled to different schools in Germany, including the Werkstattschule Rostock, the Freie Waldorfschule Karlsruhe and the Winterhuder Reformschule in Hamburg.

Außenansicht der Werkstattschule Rostock

The aim is to get to know the criteria and evaluation systems for successful schools and to question them critically. We plan to experience different types of schools and thus gain an impression of what a good school can be.

Luise Lorenz, contact person

Our most important conclusion about the learning journey, which we all felt was urgently needed, is that we are enthusiastic. Germany has a lot of “good schools” to offer, even if the public and university discussion seems to ignore this in many places – and even more importantly – teachers have the potential to change schools.

A participant’s voice from the learning journey

Why we are committed to the project

We are involved in the Lernreise project because we share Kreidestaub e.V.’s vision of enriching teacher training through practice-oriented insights. We believe in the importance of successful school practice and see this project as a valuable opportunity to offer prospective teachers practical experience and inspiration.


By supporting projects such as Lernreise, we hope to have a positive impact on teacher training in Germany. The insights and experiences gained by students during their trip could shape future teaching practices. We are convinced that practical experience can make a significant contribution to improving the education system.